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Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor (AI). In simple words, it inhibits the natural production of an enzyme called aromatase in the body, which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into estradiol. The drug is used in a course with aromatizing anabolic steroids to reduce the negative effects of estrogen on the body.
Estrogens play an important role in various functions of the male and female body. It is these very functions that determine an athlete’s overall health and performance.

The positive effects of Estrogens:

  • play a major role in the immune system;
  • are essential in bone nutrition;
  • have a positive effect on cholesterol levels;
  • are necessary for the production of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF);
  • play an important role in maintaining “fluid balance” in the body;
  • help with glucose absorption;
  • support sex drive.

With the help of aromatase inhibitors, estrogen levels are controlled, the growth of which must be restrained in case of excessive production. Competent use of anastrozole allows not only to counteract aromatization, but also to simultaneously enhance the growth of free testosterone. If the dosing regimen is followed, the remedy will be perfectly tolerated by the body, without any negative effects.

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