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Anastrozole is considered a class of drugs not steroidal aromatase inhibitors in any way. The product has been used and belongs to the group of antitumor substances. When used in healing doses, there is a significant decrease in estradiol levels. It is often used in the therapy of estrogen-dependent tumors. It acts by lowering the amount of estrogen produced by the body. Even later, it began to be used in sports as well. Bodybuilders and athletes saw its effectiveness in combating gynecomastia, water retention and other side effects that occur after taking a number of steroids. First, anastrozole overrides estrogens and in no way allows ladies’ primary indicators to unwind. Secondly, the substances act quickly. Already some time after taking them, you can observe their result, which adheres for quite a long time. Anastrozole is most often taken by athletes, located to rapid weight gain and development of female primary characteristics.

For prophylaxis (in bodybuilding): 0.5 mg every other day. For treatment of gynecomastia: 1 mg every day until symptoms disappear (then 0.5 mg every other day). The best course when using steroids with a small half-life (testosterone propionate, methandrostenolone): after 10 days of the course take an estradiol test and take 0.5 mg of Anastrozole every other day. Then after 10 days take another test and change the dose of Anastrozole according to the results. When using steroids with long esters (enanthate, sustanon, cypionate): after 3-4 weeks of the course to take tests and take 0.5 mg every other day. Then after 10 days once again take tests for estradiol and change the dose according to their results. The dose is still allowed to adjust based on subjective feelings.

When using Anastrozole can be tracked drowsiness, thinning hair, greasiness of the skin, but all this passes when estradiol in the body comes to normal.

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