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Anastrozole is a rather strong and powerful drug, the main activity of which is to suppress the production of a large amount of estrogen in the male body, enhancing the production of testosterone. It is very popular among bodybuilders today, because not only does not counteract the production of testosterone, but also removes unnecessary amounts of water from the body, thereby providing a beautiful and clear relief.

If you take certain anabolics for a long time, you can end up with the problem of breast enlargement, which is not typical for men. Anastrozole suppresses these processes, it fights feminization very confidently and effectively.

Using the drug regularly and daily in the morning, you can not only improve your performance in bodybuilding, but also adjust your health, increase strength and energy for training. The dosage for each person is individualized, it is worth paying special attention to this.

Anastrozole suppresses aromatization very effectively. The most interesting thing is that taking the drug is necessary not only for men, but also for some women.
Indications for use

Indications are very many, this substance can still be called a universal helper for all athletes who strive as quickly as possible to show good results and achieve athletic success in bodybuilding.

Anastrozole is used in such cases:

  • Prevention of gynecomastia in men;
  • Prevention of hypertension;
  • Treatment of gynecomastia;
  • Increasing the amount of hormones in the blood.

To Anastrozole gave the desired results in bodybuilding, after 10 days from the beginning of the course of taking anabolics must necessarily make an analysis of estradiol, after which the average dose of Anastrozole 0.5 mg per day is prescribed.

If the course of anabolics contains enanthate or sustanon, then the timing of the tests should be slightly changed, they are taken 3-4 weeks after the start of steroids.

Not only men engaged in bodybuilding can take Anastrozole, very often it is also used by women. For women it also plays a great role, namely, it fights against cancerous neoplasms of the mammary glands and prevents these unpleasant processes. As practice shows, breast cancer is very often provoked by an excessive amount of female hormones, and since the substance of Anastrozole is aimed at their suppression, the percentage of getting cancer is significantly reduced.

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