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Anastrozole is a drug that, in my opinion, no course that uses steroids that are susceptible to aromatization should be without. That is, conversion of testosterone into estrogens – female sex hormones.

That is, when taking these drugs in a course, either solo or in combination with other steroids, there is always a risk of getting estrogen-dependent side effects. The most unpleasant of them is gynecomastia. Other side effects that may accompany aromatization include retention of excess fluid in the body, excessive deposition of subcutaneous fat, increased blood pressure and strong suppression of own testosterone production.

The risk of estrogen-dependent side effects is especially high if two aromatizing drugs, such as methandienone and testosterone, are used in a course, as well as in long courses that last more than 6 weeks.


– Gynecomastia prevention
– Increasing the level of testosterone in the blood
– Improvement of muscle definition, by eliminating the effects of water retention and subcutaneous fat deposition
– Prevention of high blood pressure

In order to prevent the development of negative effects associated with aromatization, Anastrozole begins to be used approximately from the second week of taking aromatizing drugs.
The dosage in this case is 0.5 mg (Half tablet) every other day.
If you experience a decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction, depression – then the level of estrogen is below the physiological norm.In this case, the dosage should be reduced by half.

How to take Anastrozole for gynecomastia?

1 mg. (1 tablet), every day until the symptoms disappear. Then 0.5 mg. (half a tablet) until the end of the course.

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