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Anastrozole is a non-steroidal drug, aromatase inhibitor. It is used for medical purposes (as an anti-tumor agent), in sports practice (to block aromatization). This substance prevents side effects from aromatization of steroids. An athlete taking them can not be afraid of “side effects”, such as gynecomastia.
Anastrozole has a positive effect on the athlete’s body because it prevents the effects that result from taking aromatizing steroids. But, at the same time, it can cause some side effects. Among them, drowsiness, diarrhea, anorexia, nausea, hair breakage, and headache are common.

In the bodybuilding world, this drug is taken exclusively by men.

If you are one of them, take the inhibitor on an empty stomach. So you will reach the maximum concentration of the substance in the blood in a minimum period of time. Taking tablets is possible in prophylaxis (when only starting a course of AAS) and in the presence of signs of aromatization (it is better to take anastrozole immediately, as soon as you notice a “side effect”).

Every day, athletes are recommended to use 0.5-1 mg of anti-estrogen. It is enough 10-14 days to achieve the desired effect, to prevent the development of estrogenic “side effects”.

At the same time, there are cases when it is absolutely inappropriate to take anastrozole. The inhibitor is needed only when you conduct a heavy course of aromatizing steroids. Other drugs do not lead to gynecomastia, fluid retention and other such phenomena, which means that an anti-estrogen is not needed.

Here is a list of the main indications for taking anastrozole:

  • Gynecomastia in male athletes (the drug is suitable for both prevention and treatment);
  • Hypertension, accumulation of excess fluid in the body;
  • Elevated estrogen levels, reduced concentration of anabolic hormones;
  • Negative effects of estrogen (muscle relief can be improved with the help of an inhibitor);
  • Estrogen suppression of the HGY axis (anastrozole creates conditions in which this becomes impossible).

These indications were related to taking the drug for sports purposes.

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