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Anastrozole is a potent aromatase inhibitor that is not steroidal in nature. With the help of this medication athletes can control the concentration of estrogen on courses involving aromatizing AAS.
The drug’s eponymous active ingredient was synthesized in the nineties. It was created for use in medicine, such as the treatment of cancerous breast ailments. Anastrozole became the first means to reduce the activity of the aromatase enzyme of the third generation. The mechanism of its work is quite simple.
In the course of clinical trials it became known that Anastrozole when used in the minimum dosage is able to reduce the concentration of female hormones by 70-85 percent of the initial level for 10 days.

The main positive qualities of the anti-estrogen can be considered:

→ Effectively suppresses the aromatization process.
→ Indirectly increases the concentration of testosterone.
→ Possesses a high absorption rate.
→ Is not a steroid.

It should be noted that Anastrozole’s own negative effects are manifested only when using it in large doses. However, this is not necessary, because the effectiveness of the course will not increase. Thus, to get the maximum effect from the use of this anti-estrogen and not to harm health, athletes need to strictly follow the instructions.
In sports, Anastrozol is used only by men. In this case, you should take an aromatase inhibitor directly on the course of steroids, and not during the recovery therapy. Most often, bodybuilders start using anti-estrogen in the second week of the anabolic course. The recommended single dose is 0.5mg. The pills should be taken every second or third day. To control the ratio of estrogen and testosterone, it is necessary to take tests.

Anastrozole is able to restore the balance between hormones within 10-14 days. If the athlete still encountered estrogen-type side effects, he should switch to daily intake of aromatase inhibitor, increasing the single dose to 1mg. After elimination of symptoms of negative effects, it is necessary to return to the first scheme of Anastrozole intake.

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